Lord of the Rings

Before you consider mortgaging your house or taking out a line of credit to finance the ring you want to symbolize your marriage (and let’s face it, this actually happens), I’d ask you to think about the following and then decide if more really is well, more:

My wedding band has graced the fourth finger of my left hand for nearly the last 14 years.  The finger which purportedly has a direct vein to the wearer’s heart.  It bears some scratches, some nicks, even a few dents and, to some, might look a little worse for wear.  It isn’t ostentatious by any definition and some might say it is unnoticeable.  But it has weight.  On those very rare occasions when it is not on my finger, I immediately notice its absence.  However, the fact remains that it is intact and shows no signs of weakening or disintegration anytime soon.  True, it has parts which aren’t ever going to have the luster as when it was new, but hear me out.  Those marks, to me, symbolize the growth, the change, sometimes the pain and mostly the triumph of coming out ahead at the end of any such struggle thanks to the combined effort my spouse and I put forth.  Fourteen years later, I can honestly say there is no other ring, no other marriage and no other man I would rather have in its place.  While I am not averse to showing off a little bling, at least with this rather plain in comparison band, I can comfortably wear it anywhere without fear of losing it or damaging it irreparably.  Unlike a showy diamond or other precious stone, I do not worry about harming or losing the stone.  Neither do I take pains to set it aside, taking it out only on special occasions.  It is with me constant, despite its beautiful and wholly uniquely imperfections.  It is my ring, Our Marriage.  Dents and all.

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