Missed Manners

All too often nowadays you see demonstrations of manners or, more particularly, a complete lack thereof, that make you shake your head in complete and utter bewilderment.  While I do not for an instant to claim that I am or ever will be the epitome of perfect manners, I do try.  I try to smile and nod when inside I really wish I hadn’t been stopped and chatted up by certain people.  The simple fact is, I work in an office of roughly 40-50 people on a given day and the only way that environment works and flows smoothly so that each of us can go home at the end of the day with as little baggage as possible, is by us showing respect for each other no matter our personal feelings about each other.  After all, it’s work.  Leave it there.  There’s no need to create drama when there was no drama in the first place.  There’s no need to gossip or make the problems of others our problems.  Wouldn’t it be far better to listen with sympathy and grace should a coworker have an issue with which they are struggling, perhaps offer them some friendly insight, and then move on with whatever happens next?  Yet, all too often I witness such complete and utter lack of regard between people that I wonder how it is they can even stand to breathe the same air in this confined space.

How is it logical to expect to be treated with respect and kindness when that respect and kindness isn’t first offered by oneself?  When you ask a question, for instance, be prepared for the answer, or otherwise don’t ask it in the first place.  When someone offers a complement, be gracious and give a simple thanks.  Much as evil begets evil, courtesy begets courtesy.

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