Happy Valentine’s Day

I have a friend.  Well, more than one if we’re splitting hairs, but this particular one stands out enough from the crowd for maximum exposure effect.  We met several years ago, and it was one of those instant friendships (despite tenuous circumstances), if there is such a thing.  Or maybe it is more a matter of two souls finding each other across the abyss, so to speak, and they simply pick up wherever it was they left off, however long ago that may have been, whoever they might have been.  It certainly felt that way, anyway.

Were someone to ask precisely WHY we are friends, neither one of us could answer definitively.  The reasons certainly do not add up on paper, but there is still that intangible evidence that despite how much we get on each other’s nerves, we come back together full circle and once again pick up where we left off.  Perhaps that’s how the greatest of friendships are formed.  We have our disagreements, our conflicts, our aggravations, but no matter what, we manage to find the good in each other and accept each other’s faults and quirks for what they are – just random elements that make up a far richer tapestry.

Each day she amazes me with her cunning, her skills and her humour, and through all of that – her strength and courage.  Sometimes these are the same things that get on my nerves the most, but I know in my heart of hearts that she would not be who she is without the sum of all her parts.  I like to think that she feels the same way about me, but I am actually not that presumptuous (despite all evidence to the contrary).

When I am feeling less than perfectly centred, she will say or do something which will bring me back in from the proverbial ledge.  I have managed to do the same for her on at least a couple of occasions.  This is how we roll.  If we end up on that ledge at the same time, generally other heads will roll as we fight our way back in.  Together, and laughing all the while.

When we reach such impasses with each other, however, we are both incredibly lucky enough to have buffers in the forms of our mutual friends who care about each of us as much as we care about each other.  So we don’t necessarily fight it out face to face, but we come to realize through the wisdom and love of our mutual friends that it’s not all so bad, either; that, truthfully, we would be lost and incomplete otherwise.  So, consciously or unconsciously, we give each other a little space and time, then like magnets we gravitate toward each other once again, unspoken disagreements put aside.

Always within reach of the other.

Moral of the Story: True friendship is inevitable so you may as well embrace it, warts and all.  So, to my friend, and our mutual friends, I wish you the Happiest of Valentine’s Days.


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