Choose wisely.

In the midst of the bombing at the Boston Marathon and the explosion at a fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas, we should consider the next time we are viewing such cultural programming such as Big Brother or Jersey Shore or the ironically named, The Real World, that maybe, just maybe, these aren’t the people whose lives should be commanding our attention. They do nothing but whine and complain and bitch at each other over completely idiotic and mindless things like who looked at whose boyfriend or girlfriend and then they fight, sometimes physically, over whatever imaginary conflict it is.

Should we not instead be focusing our attention and adulation on people who, for instance, immediately sprang into action without any regard for their own safety to help other people? When you watch the awful video(s) of the Boston Marathon explosion, for instance, you see the explosion go off and within milliseconds, several emergency, police, military and just regular people don’t go running away from the explosion site, but right for it because they realised other people there needed their help. Several of the runners did their part by continuing to run the marathon straight for the blood donor clinic.

With the fertilizer plant explosion in Waco, Texas, several of the people killed were fire fighters who paid the ultimate price so that others might live.

So, the next time Honey Boo Boo commands your attention, or you’re anxiously awaiting who’ll say yes to the dress, maybe ask yourself instead why you care about those shallow, empty people, and why the people who do things that really matter, and yet receive little to no recognition for those actions, escape your interest.

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One thought on “Choose wisely.

  1. So true. Just what is with so many that feel compelled to watch that insipid crap? But then, there are so many that are worth paying attention to…

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