Remember who you are.

I recently reblogged a post from “My Everyday Power Blog” which struck a singular chord with me, and it got me thinking: What will my Future Self thank my Present Self for? Taking it one step further, will my Past Self thank me for anything that I’ve done to this point? Certainly I’ve taken some missteps along the way, and forgive me for being smug in admitting that those have been few and far between.

There’s no way of knowing absolutely, of course, if all of the choices and paths I have made and taken are the correct ones, but I can only say for certain is that this little charmer deserves every wise choice I can muster no matter its consequence, if only to preserve the faith and wonder she started out with:

Worthy adversary.

Worthy adversary.

Case in point: I recently made a choice – a difficult one – to eliminate some ongoing melodrama in my life. Since the details of this particular drama bore me beyond bearing, I will spare you those tedious tidbits. There was a brief moment of doubt where I asked myself, quietly, “What have I done?” A louder, and much younger voice answered quickly, “What you always do: what you HAD to do.” To ensure that I was not, as I had feared, going slowly insane, I ran this by a couple of trustworthy friends (not all of whom are amongst the living and yes, I know how this makes me sound) who confirmed what my 3-year-old self had already informed me: That no matter what, my choices are mine to make, as well as mine to live by. Can I live with them? Certainly. Because I never want to have to face that daunting 3-year-old and have to tell her why I gave her anything less than my level best.

I am fortunate in this life to have the love and support of my spouse, my family and my closest friends who are also there to remind me of this whenever I encounter those rare moments of self-doubt. For those of you that do not have this support network, I can only say this: Dig deep to your younger selves and realize the potential you had at that early age and give your small shadows whatever you can because you are both worthy of the effort, and don`t let anyone tell you differently. Your future selves will thank you for it.

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