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Pot Pourri

A few things I simply have to get off my chest:

  1. We all have to work for a living, and most of us don’t get paid for what we really love.  Seek it out in your spare time anyway.  Your older self will thank you for doing so in the future.
  2. The older we are, the faster we used to run.  This applies mostly to politics, and lately, mostly in Alberta.  In 2015, we overwhelmingly voted out the Progressive Conservatives after 41 years of “leadership” which was tenuous at best, and decided to give the New Democrat Party a whirl.  Before the NDP even has a chance to dust off the furniture, the conservative right wingers are crying for their precious PC’s back.  Here’s a newsflash: they had 41 years and you – YOU – voted them out in favour of some fresh air.  Give the NDP a chance to get going before you start crying for your familiar, albeit abusive, political parent to come back and love you.  Second newsflash: you don’t get that high in politics without stepping on a lot of people on the way up.  Deal with it.
  3. Same goes for the Harper v. Trudeau camp.
  4. For the over-leveraged oil slingers:  Try counting your money while holding your breath.  The recession you believe is happening to you right now is only personal.  You over-spent, over-leveraged and over-extended yourselves.  It’s time to answer for it.  The economy is not suffering so much as it is simply taking a break.  The skyrocketing value of everything could not sustain itself longterm and we are now only in what is actually a NORMAL economy.  The fact that you are giving up your family pets before you give up your smokes or 60-inch TV’s is on you, not the government.
  5. If, despite Number 4 above, you wish to continue spouting off about this “recession” in Alberta, being “worse than the 80’s”, please make sure that (a) you were alive and cognizant enough to understand the economy in the 1980’s, and (b) please have a look outside your windows and tell me what all those cranes dotting our skyline are doing.
  6. Just because you’ve given birth to a child, does not automatically mean that you are EVERYONE’S mother.  I have a mother, and you don’t hold a candle to her so stop trying.
  7. Also, women who don’t have children made as conscious a choice as those who did.  Respect both.
  8. The weather since Inauguration Day has been unseasonably warm in parts of Canada.  Hot air rises.  Coincidence?  I think not.  It also furthers the claim by realists that climate change is not, in fact, a “hoax”.
  9. It IS possible to sustain an economy without gang-raping the environment.  Our demand for oil, plastics and the like will not diminish.  However, we can do so more responsibly and slow the pace of our gluttonous consumption.  The answers are so simple an 8 year old could explain them to you.  I know just such an 8 year old girl who would love to speak to you, and likely shame you into submission in the process.
  10. It’s also possible to drive a 1994 Ford Bronco and get better gas mileage and have fewer emissions than many new vehicles being churned out today.  Regular maintenance and responsible disposal of oils and parts is key.  Don’t buy new when you can keep what you have running.
  11. Stop glorifying being “busy”.  You’re not busy.  And no one cares.  You’re just over-extending yourselves and one day you’ll wake up dead wondering why you bothered.  It’s okay to take a break and do sweet f**k all.
  12. And lastly, ADOPT SHELTER PETS.

It’s not rocket science, people.

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Rock Stars Standing Up


Bono meeting with Canadian NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair – Photo credit to

The job or mission of Rock n’ Roll from its inception has been to shake things up; to make people think; reconsider; and make the established rules and norms of society wholly uncomfortable.

As a band, U2 has long been at the forefront of this crusade – their music is rebellious, provocative and compelling.  In the band’s early days, they received a lot of criticism for their lyrics being too preachy, too political.  More notably, their critics often complained that while the band’s lyrics were preachy and political, the band, said the critics, should take a more active role in ending the stories of injustice which were being referred to in their songs and at their concerts.

So, taking this to heart, Bono as well as other members of the band, have in fact taken a much more active role in not just singing about their charitable causes, but also becoming members of those causes and forming organizations to help their causes along.

In that sense, they are not unlike any other special interest group on the planet, whether a charitable organization or a multi-trillion dollar corporation, all of which beg at the chance of bending a politician’s ear in an effort to gain support for their respective causes.

While no one bats an eye when a corporation or charity gains an audience with political leaders, the same is not true when it is a celebrity.  People often say that the celebrities should stick to their platforms of choice when it comes to political maneuvering, that they ought to restrict those beliefs and causes to the stage or screen from whence they came.  And yet, if they did – as critics of U2 in the past have proven – when they don’t become more involved, they are also maligned for their inactivity and supposed lack of conviction.

But, how is one to gain support for causes if not to gain the support of those who can effect real change and enact policies to promote that change?

I suggest that it is not the fact that it is Bono bending the ears of Canadian political leaders Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau which makes people uncomfortable.  What makes people uncomfortable is you have a rock star who can hold his own with politicians and who can speak informatively and candidly on the subjects compelling him to request their audience in the first place.  Moreover, it makes people even more uncomfortable that someone like Bono has evolved far beyond the white flag-wielding lad he was in the early to mid-1980s and has grown into not only a musical but cultural icon with a noble agenda – making the world a better place for all of us.

In other words, Bono is shaking things up, making people think, making us reconsider our priorities and forcing us to grow far past the confines of our comfortable little lives, which makes most of us very uncomfortable indeed.

And yet the people who SAY they want to eradicate social injustices and end world poverty and obtain peace in our time seem content to leave things up to politicians who are largely in the pockets of special interest groups like Big Oil and Big Business who have no one’s interest or welfare in mind other than their greedy own.

Our planet continues to suffer, our children continue to starve and die and wars continue with no visible end.

So, to Bono I would say, “Thanks, man and keep up the great work!”

To the rest of the doubters, haters and critics, I would ask, “So, what’s YOUR idea?”

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